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What does FOSSCAD do?

CAD, CNC, ECM, 3D-Printing

The FOSSCAD community creates and releases open source computer aided designs (CAD) including, but not limited to, many of the designs seen in the DEFCAD Megapacks. This community has also been releasing the Megapacks since version 4.2 (Saito). The community’s mad-machinists make new 3d printer and filament hardware while the FOSSCADers with printers test out new designs and hardware. Hanging out with FOSSCAD on the intertubez it also just fine if you are new to 3d printing, CAD, CNC and all things awesome.

I can haz FOSSCAD…?

join us on the intertubez 😀

YES! How? Share the datalove and your open source CAD files.  There are many ways to contribute to the  community and not all of them are CAD related.   Just hanging out with FOSSCAD on the intertubez  is also welcome. We talk about science, 3d-printing, CAD, CNC, ECM, gun laws and all things awesome. If you are making MOARGUNS! we want to see pictures, videos and hear all about it :D. Join FOSSCAD in IRC . Contact them (They want you to).