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We are upgrading the website \8D/. You can talk to the fosscad community:

FOSSCAD Megapack (all the files)

In the meantime if you are looking for the CAD files:

Official FOSSCAD MEGA PACK v4.8 (Ishikawa)
There are three options for downloading the megapack below, a zipped torrent and a link for direct download. There is also a photo album with pictures of the new and upgraded items introduced in this megapack:

Megapack 4.8 (ZIPPED/1.12GB) Torrent HERE 
Megapack 4.8 Direct Download HERE 
Megapack 4.8 Changelog Photo Album HERE

Why the Upgrade?

After serveral years and after the Parkland shooting in Florida our VPS provider mysteriously terminated our server without notice. Furthermore, when trying to contact the provider we received zero correspondence; we get the hint. This gave us reason to upgrade the website a little :D