What kind of printers are there and where do I get them?

  • Build a RepRap:  Home of the FDM 3d printer.  This is a comprehensive wiki discussing all aspects of open source 3d printing.  If you want to Build A RepRap this is the place to start.
  • 3D Printer List: A comprehensive list of Cartesian (xyz) printers, Delta 3D printers, SCARA printers, extruders, hot ends, electronics and other 3d printing resources.
  • Price Compare – 3D printers: A list of 3d printers and kits available via

What about filament?

Where do I get software for 3d printing and Design?

  • Linux CAD Software: A short list with descriptions of CAD and other 3d design software from the Ubuntu for Engineering page.
  • RepRapWiki Software Page: This is VERY comprehensive list of software created and maintained by the RepRap community,  including 2D and 3D CAD software, open source, closed source and other license software.  This list also includes software for dealing with STL files,  3d design software and CAD software for electronics.
  • RepRap For Dummies: This is a short list of software organized into the three main categories of 3d printing.  If you want to understand the basic types of software packages need to print this is a good place to start.

Free Open Source Software & Computer Aided Design